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DIY Music Stand

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When you perform music, it is often important to have your sheet music handy. A music stand is also useful for practice sessions, jamming out with friends, and working out solos or class work. You can buy a music stand, or you can make one yourself for a low cost and just as practical. There are several different ways to make one, according to musician James Jensen, in Minneapolis MN.

String Stand

Create a music stand using strings. This is a stand you can take with you and use anywhere. In order to make this type of music stand, you need to have a piece of string that is about the size of a clothesline. Cut a string that is five feet long, and procure several clothespins. When you want to practice, simple take your musical instrument to a place in your home or room where you can put two kitchen chairs back to back. You can tie the strings to both of the chairs, and clip the music to the stand with your clothespins. This version is easy to take along when you travel. You can keep it in your instrument case, and tie the ends of the string to anything--a banister, bed post, desk chair, a standing lamp, or anything else you can think of. You can use many clothespins to clip just one or several sheets of music, and you can also customize the height at which you hang the string, and thus the music.

Music Stand

Jensen also suggests making a music stand that is more permanent than the string stand, which he uses for travel and incidental practice. You can make a more permanent version with an office binder, some binder clips, and a base with a stand. To make the base for the stand, cut 2 two by four-inch strips so that they are each six inches long. Make a notch in the top of one piece of wood, and a matching notch in the bottom of the other piece of wood. Fit the wood pieces together to form an X or a cross, depending on how you have cut your notches. Finish the base by cutting a one by four-inch to a four foot length. Attach the one by four-inch so it is standing up from the cross. Use screws to attach the one by four-inch into a standing position.

Create your music stand by using an office binder. Open the binder and attach the spine to the one by four-inch with two screws, one at the top and one at the bottom. When you use the music stand, use binder clips to hold the music in place in the binder. Paint the wood pieces a solid black, or another color that matches the color of the binder you have chosen, so the entire thing matches.

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