DIY Mini Watermelon Pinatas

By Gillian Ellis ; Updated April 13, 2016

Get creative for your next summer birthday party and make these mini watermelon piñatas! Every kid's party needs a piñata, right? Rather than having a group of kids fighting over one, create these individual, palm-sized piñatas, perfect for little hands! Kids will love tearing them apart to find special treats inside — and you'll have fun making them!

To create a watermelon half, fold a paper plate in half and cut down the middle. Tape the plate halves together along the rim of the plate, with the rounded edges together. This is now the bottom of your piñata half. Tape so that the plates are firmly together, and don't worry about how the tape looks, as this will be covered later.

To create two watermelon slices, follow the steps above and cut the half in half again to create two watermelon slice shapes. Tape one side of the piñata, leaving one side open to fill.

Once you've taped the piñata form together, fill the inside with candy or confetti through the opening at the top. Then, cover the opening with a sliver of cardboard or tissue paper. Tissue paper will be easier to break later on, whereas cardboard will give you a stronger closing (something to consider when making piñatas for children versus adults).

Once you've filled your piñata, it's time to start decorating it! Begin by covering the bottom area with green tissue paper. Since this area is rounded, it is much easier to tape the tissue on rather than trying to glue it. Don't worry how your tape looks as your layers of tissue paper will cover it later. Follow the form of the piñata as you place the green tissue paper to replicate the look of a watermelon rind.

To create the center of your watermelon, cut pink tissue paper into long strips. Fringe the strips of paper with scissors. This part can be time-consuming so you can purchase fringe scissors to help speed up the process.

Starting with the bottom of the watermelon, half glue your first piece of fringed paper above the green tissue paper so that it is just overlapping. Make sure to only glue the top of your paper and avoid gluing the fringe. Place the next piece of fringed paper so it overlaps half of the first and continue until you have reached the top of the piñata.

Once you've covered one side of the piñata, trim the edges so that you have a round watermelon shape and can see the green tissue paper sticking out. Repeat these steps on the other side of the piñata.

Finish the piñata by adding black construction paper "seeds." You can create these with a hole punch or simply cut out circles with scissors. Making the seeds slightly large and odd-shaped helps to add whimsy to your design.

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