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How to Display Marbles

When building up a marble collection, a collector might wish to let friends behold a German Sulphide or a vintage Akro Agate. Or, a collector may simply wish to share his fascination with all. However, he may not be keen on his prized marble being handled due to its value. A preferred approach in showing off these treasures is to display them as part of a room’s décor. The marbles will not only spark a guest’s curiosity but impart a visual interest and open up conversation. If possible, choose marbles from a collection that will harmonize with a room’s color scheme to create a finished look.

Situate your marble collection in a crystal glass dome on a three-tiered display with a wooden base. Select your finest marbles and place the largest ones at the bottom of the third tier. Work upward on the pyramid with the smallest marble being displayed at the top. Arrange the most rare or colorful marbles at the front for visual impact. Position the display on the mantle.

Exhibit a one-of-a-kind marble from your collection on a display ring, pedestal or dimple block. The transparent or frosted acrylic cradles the marble to protect it while allowing you to put it on show. Find a prominent space for it such as on a desktop or set it on a shelf with book selections about marbles. For added interest, write up a small description of he type of marble on a label and set directly in front of the display.

Place one marble of interest in a magnifying display box to draw attention to it. Place it on a frame display ledge with other marbles for impact or to bring together other marble-related memorabilia.

Set marbles in a display case with a velvet inset and mount on the wall. The front glass allows easy viewing of the collection. Hang on a prominent wall in the foyer, hallway or living room. Mount a display light above the case to give the collection more attention.

Things You'll Need:

  • Crystal dome display
  • Display ring, acrylic
  • Pedestal
  • Dimple block
  • Display ledge
  • Display case, mounted


Integrate your marble collection into your home decor to create a conversation starter. If space is an issue, display marbles atop window sills or even in a shadow box with other related memorabilia.


  • Marbles pose a choking hazard to small children and pets.
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