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Directions for the Assembly of the Sportspower Trampoline

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A trampoline is a fun and active way for you and your children to play outside and get exercise. The Superpower Trampoline comes with several safety features, including a safety netting to protect jumpers from falls. The Superpower is easier to assemble if you have someone to help you, and you should be sure to build your trampoline in an open area with plenty of surrounding space. Once it's assembled, be sure to always control your jumps and stop jumping when you get tired. Jumping when tired can lead to injuries.

Locate the indented mark on the extension legs of the trampoline. The extension legs of the tramp are already attached to the trampoline. The indented mark is twenty-four inches off the ground.

Align the bottom of the lower frame tube with the indented mark on the extension legs.

Position a gap spacer between the lower frame tube and the extension legs.

Place a U-screw around the lower frame tube, the gap spacer, and the extension leg and secure it with a clamp and a lock nut.

Cover the ends of the U-screw with two screw covers.

Attach another U-screw with a gap spacer about eight inches above the first U-screw and secure it around the extension leg and lower frame tube with a clamp and a lock nut.

Attach the five remaining lower frame tubes to the extension legs at the indented mark, with the two U-screws on each lower frame tube. Indented marks are located only on the right leg of the extension legs.

Slide each lower frame tube into an upper frame tube.

Slide each right horizontal tube into a left horizontal tube.

Use a screw to secure each right horizontal tube to the left horizontal tube.

Slide each right horizontal tube and each left horizontal tube into the upper frame tubes to form an arch. When finished, you will have three arches.

Snap the buckle straps on the top of the netting enclosure to the tops of the three arches. There will be two buckles on each arch.

Thread the cord through the mat rinks and the bottom of the netting. Alternate running the cord through the mat ring and the netting. Mat rings are located at the end of the trampoline springs.

Tie each end of the cord to a mat ring.

Zip and buckle the netting's closing together.


  • Children should always be supervised when jumping on a trampoline. Although the bars for the protective netting are covered in foam, they are made of metal and should not be jumped into.
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