Different Solitaire Games

Solitaire games are card games meant for one person. Sometimes known as Patience, the game can take some time to get through to the end. You use only one deck of cards and the game wins after you line up all the cards in order from lowest to highest, following the same suite. There are several different versions of the classic Solitaire game and each one has its own rules.


Pyramid is a version of Solitaire where the numbers are more important than the suite. You place the cards in a pyramid formation, with one card at the top, then two on the next row and continue until you get to the last row of seven cards. The rest of the cards sit next to the pyramid with only the top card shown. You need to match the cards together to reach 13, with face cards having different values: King is 13, Queen 12 and Jack 11. When you have a match, you move the cards off the board. If you don’t have a match, the top card in your pile is flipped to make room for the next card. You keep playing until you either remove all the cards from the board or have no matches left.


Spider Solitaire is similar to Klondike, but you use two decks instead of one deck. You have ten rows, each with 13 cards total in the stack. The rest of the cards are in a pile on the side and you draw three cards at a time. The point is to get your cards organized into columns, from King to Ace in the same suite. When you do this, those cards disappear from the board. You need to place all of your cards in the right suite to win the game.


The classic version of Solitaire is Klondike. With Klondike, you place your cards in seven rows and then add cards to make columns. The first column has only one card, the second column two cards and so on. Only the top card is visible, with the other cards turned upside down. The rest of your cards go in a pile on the side and you turn the cards over in sets of three. When you find an Ace, you place it on top of your pile. As you turn over cards, you can play it on the columns, but only if it’s the next card and in an alternating color. For example, if you have a King of Aces, the only card you can play is a red Queen card. The point is to get all the cards back into order from Ace to King.