How to Cut Glass With Scissors

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If you have a piece of glass that you need to cut but don’t have access to a diamond cutter, a simple way to cut it is with a pair of scissors and water. This method will not give you a very fine, clean cut, but it will effectively cut off parts of the glass. Dispose of the cut off pieces of glass safely in a place where they won’t cause injury.

Push a drain stopper into the drain of a deep sink.

Fill the sink with room-temperature water.

Put on heavy-duty gloves. You can do this as you wait for the sink to fill.


Place the glass you want to cut into the sink, holding the glass in your weaker hand.


Lower the scissors into the water, holding them in your dominant hand.


Cut the glass slowly. Continue until the parts of the glass you want to remove are cut away.


Things You'll Need

  • Drain stopper
  • Deep sink
  • Heavy-duty gloves


  • Make small cuts because they will be easier to keep straight.


  • Always use caution when handling and manipulating glass because it can easily break the wrong way and create sharp shards that can cause injury.