Creative Ways to Give Someone Tickets

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Theater, concert or game tickets can be expensive -- and cost-prohibitive -- so give the gift of tickets and make the recipient's dream a reality. While you can simply hand over the tickets, add a little flair to the gift-giving occasion and make it that much more unforgettable.

Make It Special

Put together a simple scrapbook or collage featuring pictures and other items relevant to the celebrity, team or show. For example, take a stunning magazine cover featuring the celebrity, team or show and make it the central image in your collage; or use it as the central image on the scrapbook cover. Then, add magazine and newspaper clippings of good reviews, playbills, CD covers or other memorabilia. You also can buy relevant scrapbooking embellishments at a craft store. Wedge the tickets between the embellishments and media clippings you use. Present the collage or scrapbook to the ticket recipient and encourage her to take a closer look.

Stage a Show

Although slightly more elaborate, consider dressing up as the celebrity star of the show to give tickets to the recipient. Your costume can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. But it should include the celebrity's most easily recognizable trademark, such as a wig or clothing item. Write a short, lighthearted, humorous script or song -- starring yourself as the celebrity -- to perform at the ticket presentation. You may wish to gather friends and family around to add excitement to the occasion.


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