Creative Art Projects for Adults

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Many adults use arts and crafts projects as a way to keep their children busy but some overlook the opportunity to complete these creative endeavors themselves. Just because you have reached adulthood doesn’t mean that your exploration of the arts is done. Even if you lack professional artistic talent, you can still enjoy the completion of creative art projects.

Collage Projects

Collages are easy-to-create art projects. Clip out images of flowers that you favor, objects that you appreciate or photos and glue them down. Create a standard paper collage and frame the piece for displaying or cover a box or other object with your collected images, shellacking over it after the glue is dry to protect your creation.

Stenciled Creations

Get creative with stencils as your aid. Purchase a plain wood box, paint it a solid color and stencil designs onto it. Decorate a wall in your home with stencils, creating a border around the room or surrounding a piece of art or picture with a stenciled frame. Because stencils allow you to easily repeat the same pattern, you can use them to create repetitive prints with ease. Add some more creativity to your stencil project by hand-painting some accents on your stenciled images.

Painted Ceramics

Create your own one-of-a-kind piece by painting a ceramic object. Visit an area paint-your-own-pottery studio and purchase a piece to paint, using their paints to do so. If you want to complete this process at home, buy some unfinished ceramic objects and paint them with ceramics paint, baking them in the oven per package instructions to make your additions permanent. You can make just one or two pieces or craft a whole dinner set, painting plates and bowls of various sizes.

Beaded Wearable Art

Create a work of art that you can wear by engaging in beading projects. Purchase beads of various shapes, sizes and colors and arrange them to create necklaces or bracelets that suit your fancy. Turn your bead project into a ring by stringing your beads on thick-gauge wire and wrapping the piece around your finger and crimping it off with a crimping tool and the appropriate jewelry finding. If you wish to create a more eclectic piece, turn objects into beads by drilling small holes into petrified pieces of wood or other objects that appeal to your sense of aesthetics and string them along with your mass-produced beads.