Crafts With Tootsie Pops

Lollipops of all types, including Tootsie Pops, can be used in child-friendly craft projects.
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Colorful lollipops are a fun sweet treat for both children and adults alike, but they can also be used for a variety of simple crafts. For example, during the fall months, a Tootsie Pop can be used to create a spooky ghost. These crafts take limited resources, so they are quick craft projects that can fit into anyone's busy schedule.


Using a Tootsie Pop, a tissue, black yarn and a marker, you can make a lollipop ghost. To start, place the Tootsie Pop in the center of the white tissue. Wrap the tissue around the lollipop to make a ghost-like shape. The stick should be sticking out of the tissue, leaving the actual lollipop itself covered. Tie just under the lollipop, where the stick meets it, with the black ribbon. This will make the "head" of the ghost and hold the tissue in place. Use the marker to make two dots on the head of the ghost to represent eyes.


Make a flower by using a Tootsie Pop, construction paper, yarn, a hole punch, markers and scissors. Cut six hearts out of construction paper. You may use one or multiple colors of construction paper. It is recommended that you use two colors. Write a message on one of the hearts with a marker. Stack the hearts. Alternate colors if you used more than one color of paper. Use a hole punch to punch a hole through near the pointed tip of the hearts. Stick a Tootsie Pop through the holes. Tie the lollipop in place, under the hearts, with a piece of yarn or a ribbon. Spread the hearts to mimic the look of petals.