Crafts With Teacups

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If you love vintage teacups and your cupboards are overflowing with your collection, use them for cute craft projects. Repurpose teacups for many different uses, and if some of your creations turn out fabulous, consider giving them as gifts. Stroll through flea markets and thrift stores to find interesting cups to add to your collection for crafting.


Pretty teacups can make interesting planters for small plants or herbs. You will need to drill a small hole in the bottom of the cup with a ceramic drill to create a hole for drainage purposes. Fill the cup with your plant or herb, cover with soil and add water until damp. This works well for plants that won't get very big, and they look festive lining a windowsill or sitting on a table. Alternately, use a teacup as a small vase for flowers. Stick the blooms into damp floral foam and set it into the teacup.


Teacups can make creative additions to the table. Follow a recipe to make cupcakes, and instead of using cupcake liners and pans, pour the cupcake batter into clean, oven safe teacups. Bake as directed, and frost when cool. This is an unusual way to serve cupcakes at a party, and goes well with a child's tea party or birthday party. Another idea is to use the teacups as candy dishes. Use several different teacups as centerpieces, and pour colorful candy in each one. Guests can nibble on the candies and they make creative centerpieces.


Make funky teacup candles very simply. Purchase candle wax from a craft or hobby store. Glue the wick and its base in the bottom of the candle, then heat the candle wax according to instructions. Microwaveable wax is very easy to use. Stir in a candle scent of your desire, and then pour the scented wax into the teacup and allow it to cool before lighting.

Tea Cup Wine Glasses

Not sure what to do with odd teacups that don't match anything? Make them into whimsical wine glasses. You will need a glass cutter to cut the top off a wine glass. A strong adhesive, such as Super Glue for glass, can be used to glue the bottom of the teacup to the top of the glass stem. Allow the glue to dry.


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