Crafts With Potatoes

By Catherine Lovering
Potatoes can be dinner or a craft item.

Potatoes aren't just for eating; they can be a resource for kids' crafts projects as well. Use potatoes that are large enough to paint, decorate or to use as a stamp. If the potatoes have been sitting in the pantry for some time, take a few moments to rinse them and remove any protruding roots.

Potato Prints

Use cut potatoes to stamp paint onto T-shirts or paper. Cut a potato in half lengthwise and press a metal cookie cutter into the flesh of one half. Remove the potato around the cutter and press out the shape. Blot the potato shape with paper towel to dry it. Press the shape into fabric paint or craft paint and stamp onto a t-shirt or paper. This method can also be used to make homemade wrapping paper during the holidays.

Potato Snowman

Make a potato snowman. Choose three potatoes of progressively smaller shapes. Cut one side of the largest potato to ensure a flat edge. Paint the potatoes white with acrylic paint; allow to dry. Poke a wooden skewer through the three potatoes and stack the potatoes one on top of the other, with the largest potato on the bottom with the flat side facing out. Stand the snowman up and decorate him by adding limbs made of sticks, a glued-on carrot nose and raisins for eyes and mouth.

Instant Potato Dough

Use instant mashed potatoes to create an edible play dough for young children. Add boiling water to instant mashed potato mix and knead until it reaches the right consistency. Add more potatoes or water as necessary to get the right texture. To make the dough a bit more appealing for children, divide it into portions and make each portion a different color using food coloring.

Mr. Potato Head

Choose potatoes that have head-like shapes or naturally resemble faces. Use recycled materials from around the home, such as individual size yogurt containers, to create a hat, eyes and clothing for the Mr. Potato Head. Cover the yogurt container with felt using a glue gun. Add eyes using large craft beads. Make hair and a mouth using scrap fabric, straight pins with round ends and yarn. Place a wooden skewer in the bottom of the potato to use him as a puppet.

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