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Crafts With Double Knit Polyester

Home decor is just one craft you can make with double knit polyester.
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Double Knit Polyester was the go to fabric of the 1970s. It was everywhere, from homes and to clothing stores. Though not as popular today as it was in its heyday, double knit polyester is still used in a variety of items. Double knit polyester is a great material for making creative crafts because it is exceptionally resilient; it doesn’t stretch or shrivel; it doesn't wrinkle easily and it dries quickly. Though your imagination is the limit, some of the creative crafts you can make with double knit polyester include accessories, table cloths and home décor.

Double Knit Polyester Rug

If your old rugs are starting to shred, you can braid new ones out of strips of double knit polyester. Using double knit polyester to create your rugs will keep them from being easily destroyed. You can also wash a double knit polyester rug as often as you want and the color will still remain vibrant. You can buy supplies to make a double knit polyester rug at your local fabric or craft store. If you have some lying around, you can also make use of your old polyester scraps to make the rug.

Mobile Phone Case

Instead of buying a case for your mobile phone from an accessory store, you can sew your own and customize it to fit your personal style and personality. Besides the double knit polyester that you will use to make the bulk of the case, you can also use polyester thread to sew on buttons and additional designs if you want to truly show off your creative flair.

Knitted Polyester Accessories

If you want the latest trendy accessories you see at the mall but you don’t want to pay for them and you have free time on your hands, you could always make your own. From double knit scarves and bandannas to bracelets and headbands, you can sew almost any accessory from double knit polyester, as long as you’re innovative, artistic and patient. Since polyester is extremely long-lasting, once you make them, you can treasure your homemade accessories for a long time.

Home Decor

If you like making your own home decor, double knitted polyester is a fabric you should be using. If you have a limited amount of polyester fabric, you can make double knit polyester table napkins or cute, personalized glass coasters. If you have a lot of polyester fabric, you can make table cloths, pillow covers, blankets and drapes.

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