Crafts Using Plastic Coffee Cans

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Coffee cans are often made of plastic materials that serve as an effective container to keep the ground coffee fresh for that first cup of morning caffeine. Consumers often keep these containers because they may come in handy someday. In fact, the plastic coffee cans be useful in making wonderful craft items for you and your family to store items and to keep as homemade treasures.

Coin Bank

Everyone needs to have a place to keep loose change. This is a wise way to save money for a rainy day or a special treat. You can create a bank out of a plastic coffee can simply by using scissors or a sharp knife to cut a slit in the can&#039;s lid. Tear the advertising label off the plastic can and decorate it with permanent colored markers, stickers, paint or crayons to personalize the bank.

Kitchen Canisters

The plastic coffee cans will make airtight canisters for perishables in your kitchen, such as sugar, teabags or flour. Since the containers come in various sizes, this is a wise use to recycle the containers. Simply cut out theme pictures from a magazine or other decorative paper, such as gift wrap. For a sugar canister, for instance, you may use pictures of cookies, cakes or frosting. Decide where you want to place the pictures on your plastic coffee can; you can choose to overlap the pictures or scatter them randomly. Place decoupage glue onto the back of the pictures with a foam craft brush and press the pictures into place on the sides of the can. Make sure you press out any wrinkles or air bubbles. Continue with the rest of the pictures until the canister is decorated to your liking. Allow the can to dry and then use the decoupage glue to cover the outside of the container two or three more times. Be sure to let the canister dry between each coat. This will give your canisters a glossy, durable finish.

Natural Flower Vase

Collect a bunch of straight sticks that are around the height of your plastic coffee can. You can break or cut the branches to the right length. Add three or four rows of double-sided molding tape to the container and attach the sticks vertically onto the sides. Surround the container with the sticks. Once the can is covered, you can add a raffia ribbon bow to enhance the natural look further. Put a few inches of water in the bottom and use the container as a vase for flowers that you harvest from your flower garden or favorite rose bush.

Holiday Candy Dish

Decorate the plastic coffee can with candy canes for a holiday container or use regular stick candy for a container year-round. Simply place three or four rows of double-sided molding tape to the plastic coffee can after removing its label. The tape will stick to the container and create an adhesive for the candy sticks. Place the sticks vertically on the can and make sure they are very close together so that you cannot see any of the background color. After you completely cover the can, you can glue a piece of decorative ribbon around the top and tie it into a bow. Fill the container with individually wrapped candies, nuts or use it for a pencil or paintbrush holder.