Crafts for Women's Retreats

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A women’s retreat can reinforce friendships, restore energy and provide a different perspective from what you experience in everyday life. You may select a hotel or inn where you are on your own, or you may choose to stay in a themed bed and breakfast, such as the Hen House Retreat in Ohio, which is set up for crafters. Doing craft projects together will not only give you something productive to fill your time, but you’ll have a memento to take back home to remember the occasion.

Memorabilia Crafts

Each woman should bring her own small memorabilia to create a craft designed to help preserve her memories. Some options include shadow boxes, collages and scrapbooks. You may choose to have each woman chip in to purchase some of the materials in bulk to help defray the costs. Have the tools on hand for a variety of memorabilia crafts, including scissors, paper cutters, adhesives and markers.

Bath and Body Crafts

Scented body scrubs, bath salts, lotions and sachets are refreshing and invigorating. Chip in to purchase a variety of ingredients so you can mix and match for a deliciously unique final product. Each woman can supply her own jars and bottles. Some of the ingredients you may need for the simpler items such as bath salts and body scrubs are salt, sugars, vegetable or nut oils and essential oils. The more challenging products, such as bath bombs, may require molds and ingredients such as baking soda and citric acid. Have a variety of sizes and shapes of jars on hand. Decorate the sealed jars with fabric, ribbon, lace and silk flowers.