Crafts for Mouse Ears & Noses

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Whether you're looking to dress up as a mouse for Halloween or a theater production, there are several different, easy ways to craft mouse ears and noses. Most of the supplies needed can be purchased at hobby and craft stores nationwide, and easily sized to any individual. As with any craft, remember the proper safety procedures for handling scissors and hot glue guns.

Necessary Supplies

To fashion these crafts, you will need a wide variety of materials. A small circle of white cardboard or cardstock, a black marker, scissors, and an extra-long rubber band -- enough to wrap around one's head. A hot glue gun, gray felt, a measuring tape and a gray headband will also be necessary.

Cardboard Mouse Nose and Whiskers

Draw a black circle roughly 1 inch in diameter at the center of the cardboard and fill it in with the marker. Draw small whiskers along the right and left sides of the circle. Then cut a slit in the bottom of the circle, extending halfway through the circle and terminating in the middle of the black part of the nose. After drawing a thin line of glue on one side of the cut, quickly tuck the glued corner underneath the other side of the cut, gently maneuvering the circle to form a cone. You may need to hold it in place while it dries for 5 to 10 minutes. Cut the extra-large rubber band so it forms a line. Put a bead of hot glue on the inside of the left and right sides of the cone and press the ends of the rubber band into the glue before allowing it to cool.

Painted Whiskers

In a pinch, face paint can do well for recreating a mouse nose and whiskers, with the additional benefit that gray paint placed over the rest of the face can help to complete a mousy appearance. If a gray face is desired, smooth paint over all of the facial features, including the eyelids, and then begin on the nose and whiskers. Blacken the tip of the nose in a circular shape, and then curve small lines upwards from the corners of the mouth, extending only 1/2 inch. Draw whiskers in black by beginning 1/2 inch above the upper lip and below the nose, curving them toward the edge of the jaw.

Felt Mouse Ears

Measure the circumference of the widest portion of the headband. Draw a small, 1-inch-wide rectangle with a length corresponding to the circumference of the headband measurement on the felt. On either end, draw a large circle. Repeat this step one more time. Cut out the finished shapes and then wind the straps between the circles around the headband. Use the hot glue gun to put a bead of glue at the headband, and then draw a line of glue around the outer edges of the circles, pressing them together. After allowing the glue to dry, you should have a finished mouse ear headband.