Crafts for Jesus' Ascension

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The ascension of Jesus Christ is a Christian belief that Jesus was taken to Heaven 40 days after His resurrection. Jesus ascension crafts provide a fun way to educate children about this event. These crafts are appropriate for use within Sunday school and other church youth programs.

Jesus Ascension Picture

Locate, color and cut out an image of Jesus Christ. The Sunday School Sources website recommends cutting out a rounded strip of green construction paper, as well as a few cloud shapes from white paper. Glue these pieces of paper onto a sheet of blue construction paper, positioning the green paper along the bottom to use as grass, and the cloud shapes along the top portion of the paper. You can also color the grass using markers or crayons and attach batting or cotton balls to the paper for clouds. Using a needle, thread a piece of string, with the end tied in a small knot, through the top of Jesus' head and then through the front of the blue paper up near the top of the page. Remove the needle and tie the string around a craft stick. Pull gently on the craft stick to make Jesus ascend.

Paper Cup Ascension Craft

The April's Homemaking website explains how to use a paper cup for an Ascension craft. Paint a white, disposable cup blue. Allow it to dry and then paint on white clouds or attach cotton balls to the outside of the cup. Using a pencil, poke a hole in the bottom of the cup. Locate, color and cut out an image of Jesus Christ. Use a paper hole punch to punch a hole at the top of the Jesus image. String one end of a piece of string through the hole and tie it in a knot. Pull the other end of the string through the hole in the bottom of the cup and tie it to a craft stick. Pull on the craft stick to make Jesus ascend into the cup, which represents the sky.

Hanging Ascension Craft

The Ten Kids and a Dog website recommends cutting a square from a piece of cardboard and punching holes into each of the four corners. String pieces of ribbon through each of the holes and secure them with knots. Glue cotton balls over the entire surface of one side of the square (the side that does not have the knotted ends of the ribbons). Locate, color and cut out an image of Jesus and glue it, in a upright position, to the center of the cotton-side of the square. Hang the picture from the ceiling using the ribbons and tie a handwritten sign that says "Jesus Lives" from one of the hanging ribbons.

Jesus Ascension Centerpeice

Glue a disposable champagne glass onto a small piece of cardboard, and glue cotton balls inside the cup of the glass to make a craft similar to the one found on the Our Domestic Church website. Locate, color and cut out an image of Jesus Christ, as well as an image of His disciples. Position the image of the disciples in a circle around the base of the champagne glass and adhere the picture to the cardboard. Secure the image of Jesus, in an upright position, in the center of the cotton balls. Use this as a dinner table centerpiece.