Crafts for Christmas With Wine Bottles

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Add a festive touch to used or new wine bottles with decorations appropriate for the Christmas season. Embellish wine bottles with paint, beads and gold leaf to create candleholder centerpieces, tabletop lights or to add sparkle to your wine service. Supplies to transform wine bottles into Christmas decorations are available at your local craft and hobby store.

Gold Leaf Candle Holder

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Cover two wine bottles with gold leaf to create gilded candle holders for your Christmas dinner table. Gold leaf and the application adhesive, called sizing, is available at most craft stores. Silver leaf is also available; select the one that best fits your holiday decorations. Remove the labels and clean the wine bottles, apply the sizing and wait for it to become tacky. Lay a sheet of gold leaf on top of the bottle and brush it in place with a dry, soft paint brush. Don’t worry if you miss a spot or if the leaf wrinkles; you can reapply sizing and leaf material on top of the existing gold leaf as needed. Cover the bottles and use tall, tapered candles to enhance your holiday centerpiece.

Christmas Cover

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Make beaded fringe in colors to complement your Christmas décor to cover your wine bottles. These decorative covers will add a touch of sparkle to your kitchen counter, bar service or buffet table. You can also use the beaded covers on used wine bottles to create candle holders. To make the fringe, select glass beads in smaller sizes such as 3mm, 4mm and 5mm; you’ll also need seed beads that coordinate with the fringe beads. Make a circle of seed beads to fit around the neck of the wine bottle. Make strands of beads to drop from each bead on the seed bead circle. It’s easier to make beaded fringe with a beading needle and waxed beading thread; add a seed bead to the end of each strand, insert the needle back through the end seed bead and all the way back through the beads in the fringe strand. Exit the next seed bead on the circle and add the desired number of beads to make the fringe drop. Work your way around the seed bead circle with fringe drops to cover the wine bottle.

Stained Glass Candle Holder

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Paint a clear wine bottle with stained glass paint to create a Christmas candle holder that resembles a stained glass window. Create sections all over the wine bottle with self-adhesive leading strips. Look for these strips in craft and hobby stores near the stained glass paint supplies. It can be difficult to create a specific image on the wine bottle, but you can easily make random sized and shaped sections for the paint. You can apply stained glass paint vertically or horizontally, using the applicator tip attached to the bottle. Fill in each section with different colors of paint to make the stained glass window effect. Fill the painted bottle with string lights or place it in front of a window to fully appreciate the translucent colors.



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