Craft Projects Using Ceramic Tile

ceramic tile image by Karin Lau from

Many people have leftover ceramic tiles from various home renovation projects. These ceramic tiles can easily be used to make several different home crafts such as a coaster, mosaic or picture display. You can supplement this supply by purchasing additional tiles at craft stores. The other materials you need can be found easily at a craft supply or hardware store.

Ceramic Tile Coasters and Trivets

If your ceramic tiles have a matte finish you can use rubber stamps and permanent markers to decorate the fronts of the tiles. They can then serve as coasters. First it is important to clean and dry the tiles. If you are using the stamp, make sure to let it dry completely before handling it. This could take up to two hours. If you make a mistake you can wipe the ink off with a wet rag and begin again. When the ink is completely dry you can use it as a coaster or a trivet.

Ceramic Tile Mosaics

You can use your ceramic tiles to make mosaics on tabletops, countertops, picture frames or flowerpots. Simply break the ceramic tiles into 1- or 2-inch pieces and secure them to your surface with ceramic glue. When your pattern is formed and the mosaic is complete, fill the cracks with grout. Clean off the top of each ceramic tile and let the grout dry completely. The grout will help lock the tile pieces in place and will preserve your mosaic pattern.

Ceramic Picture Tiles

You can put your favorite family picture on an old ceramic tile and hang it on your wall. Simply print out a high quality resolution of the picture on glossy printer paper or photo paper. Glue the picture over the ceramic tile. You can choose to leave a border or you can completely cover the tile. Let the glue dry completely. Then, paint shellac over the top of the picture and let it dry. You can then attach an eye hook to the back of the ceramic tile to hang it on the wall.