Craft Projects for 5-Year-Old Boys

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Many 5-year-old boys enjoy making things with their hands. If you are having a birthday party or social gathering for a group of young boys, plan a couple of craft projects they are sure to enjoy. Crafts build fine motor skills and hand-to-eye coordination in young children.

Dinosaur Projects

Give each boy two empty rectangle tissue boxes. Have the boys decorate the boxes like dinosaur feet using craft foam, stickers, markers, paint, construction paper and crayons. After they finish, they can stick one foot in each box to create a set of dinosaur feet.

For another dinosaur project, place several pieces of uncooked macaroni in a plastic bag and hit with a hammer to break into pieces. Mix potting soil and add 1 tbsp. of glue to the potting soil until it starts sticking together. Place a piece of wax paper in front of each boy and give him a large scoop of the potting soil mix. The boys flatten the soil on the wax paper and use the macaroni pieces to create a “dinosaur fossil” in the soil. Allow the craft to dry overnight.

Critter Projects

The boys can make critters using a cardboard egg carton. Tell the boys to cut out the egg carton cups. Have them use chenille stems, googly eyes, paint, markers and craft foam to create critters. For example, use the chenille stems for eyes and antennae on the critters. The boys can also use pompoms to make a variety of silly or scary critters. Use large pompoms as bodies, medium pompoms as heads, and small pompoms as eyes. The boys can glue the pompoms together.

Machine Projects

Most boys love to build, so give them some building supplies and let their imagination run wild. Give the boys rubber bands, paper clips, glue, paper, cardboard, construction paper, small boxes, corks and cardboard tubes to use to build their own machines. Make the craft project into a game by awarding prizes for the best, most creative and most realistic-looking machines.

Robot Projects

Boys can use a variety of boxes, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, glue, paper clips, tape, cardboard tubes, scissor and paint to create robots. Give the boys small drink tabs and lids to use as buttons on the robot. If you have several boys, divide the boys into teams and have them work together. To make smaller robots, give the boys small boxes like jewelry and cereal boxes to use to create the robots.