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Craft Ideas on What You Can Do with a Clorox Bottle

An empty Clorox bleach bottle is a versitile craft material.
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Empty Clorox bleach bottles that might otherwise wind up in recycling or garbage bins actually can find second lives as the foundation material for a diverse range of crafts for kids or homes. The shape and size of a Clorox bottle make it fit for container-type crafts such as purses and banks, while the bottle's plastic construction make it simple to cut and shape for projects such as holiday decorations and game components. It is important to use only Clorox bottles that were rinsed carefully to remove all traces of bleach, especially if small children will be involved in the crafting project.

Crafts for Kids

Many craft projects use an ordinary, empty Clorox bottle to create playthings for kids, including a baby cradle purse and piggy bank. The cradle purse has the rigid bottom of the bottle as a base, to which a crocheted top is secured. When the purse is opened, the crochet piece can be folded down around the rigid plastic of the bottle, forming a cradle for a small baby doll. The piggy bank uses the entire bottle laid on its side with a coin slot cut in one side, and cork feet glued to the other side provide stability for the bank. Decorative elements such as a pipe cleaner tail, felt ears and or googly eyes complete the design.

Household Items

Empty Clorox bottles are recycled into craft items for decorating or organizing a home. Colorful yarn and a hot glue gun can be used to turn a bleach bottle into a festive vase. With little bit of fabric to form a headscarf, eyes and a mouth cut out of paper or felt and some glue, an empty bottle becomes a clever container for bathroom items such as hair curlers.

Game Crafts

An empty Clorox bleach bottle easily finds a new purpose as a ball catcher in a child's game of catch. Turning the bottle upside down and cutting off its bottom provides a wide mouth for a small rubber ball or tennis ball to land. The game also can be played with water balloons for cool summer entertainment. Tie one end of a string to the ball catcher and the other end to a pompon or ball made from children's modeling clay for a solo game of catch.

Holiday Decorations

Clorox bottles that are empty also are used in holiday decorating. A bottle, some glue and a few other embellishments are all that simple Christmas projects require. For example, felt and yarn can be used to transform the bottle into a free-standing Santa Claus or one that can be displayed on a wall or door. Similarly, some creative bottle cutting, a pattern, pipe cleaners and a few other decorations can be used to transform a Clorox bottle into a decorative Easter basket.

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