Craft Ideas for the Good Shepherd

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The Good Shepherd is a popular theme for Sunday school classes and vacation Bible school. Most Good Shepherd crafts feature an image of a shepherd watching over his sheep and are often decorated with a Bible verse as well. Good Shepherd crafts make an excellent companion to Bible stories and lessons on how Jesus cares for His people.

Toilet Paper Roll Shepherd and Sheep

A Good Shepherd and sheep set can be made from toilet paper rolls for an interactive craft that children can use to portray the Bible story. Print out templates from a website such as Catholic Icing (see Resources). Have the children color their pages and cut out each character; you may need to assist younger children with cutting. Glue each character to a toilet paper roll.

Good Shepherd Stained Glass Window

Jesus Christ as the Good Shepherd, carrying a staff and a small lamb, is a popular motif on stained glass windows. Recreate this in a simple craft. Print the image of the Good Shepherd available from Mormon Share (see Resources). Color the printable carefully with markers, staying in the lines. For an authentic look, use bright colors that are found in real stained glass windows. Using a medium-sized paintbrush, gently coat the picture in salad oil, tapping your brush before putting it on the paper to avoid over-greasing the page. Blot the paper with paper towels to absorb excess oil. If desired, cover the page with a piece of plastic wrap to mimic the look of stained glass and place it in a window.

3-D sheep

Create a fluffy sheep as a reminder of the Good Shepherd using toilet paper rolls, tissue paper, Q-tips and cotton balls. Stuff crushed scrap paper inside the toilet paper roll to add strength and stability; this will be the sheep's body. Tape four Q-tips to the roll to create four legs; you can trim the Q-tips to be shorter if the sheep is unstable. Form a wad of white tissue paper and glue to one end of the toilet paper roll to serve as a head. Dip cotton balls in glue, then attach them all over the sheep's body. Glue two eyes cut from construction paper onto the face and allow the figure to dry.

Sheep Collage

Use a simple sheep printable, such as the one available from Activity Village (see Resources), as the foundation for this Good Shepherd Craft. At the top of the page, have children write a verse, such as an excerpt from the Good Shepherd passage, John 10:1-18. Decorate the sheep using cotton balls dipped in glue to create the wool, accent the face with two googly eyes and add black construction paper legs. Allow the printable to dry.