Cowboy & Cowgirl Preschool Craft Ideas

boy cowboy image by Paul Moore from

Preschoolers can explore the life of Old West cowboys and cowgirls by creating Western-themed crafts from inexpensive materials. You may already have most of the supplies needed for Wild West crafts, or they can be purchased from your local arts and crafts store. Cowboy and cowgirl crafts are easy to personalize for each child.

Stamped Bandana

Every cowboy and cowgirl needs a bandana to wear around their necks or tuck into their pockets. Bandanas can be decorated by kids with sponge stamps and finger paints. Give each child a plain, solid-colored bandana. (You can make bandanas by cutting 12-inch squares of cotton fabric. For a cleaner edge, fold over the material and sew a hem.) Give each child finger paints and sponge stamps in Western images, like cowboy boots or hats, cactus, a sheriff's badge, a horse or cow, or a tumbleweed, to decorate the bandana. Allow bandanas dry completely before using.

Wild West Picture Frame

Preschoolers can have creative control in personalizing their very own picture frame. Take and print photos of the child or a group of children in cowboy hats. Cut a piece of cardboard or decorative foam to create a frame for the photo. Cut Western-themed images like cowboy boots and horseshoes out decorative construction paper or foam, or use stickers with a Western theme. Allow children to use glue sticks to attach the decorative pieces to the picture frame. They can also draw or paint Western images on the frame to further personalize it.

Tissue-Box Guitar

In the Old West, cowboys and cowgirls likes to play guitars around a campfire. Children can make their own guitars using a tissue box or shoebox, several large rubber bands, a pencil and a paper towel roll. If you are using a tissue box with a dispenser hole on top, stretch rubber bands around the box and over the hole to act as guitar strings. If your box does not have a hole, help children cut one out with a pair of scissors. Slide a pencil under one end of the rubber bands to provide the tension so you can use the strings. Help the children cut a hole in one end of the cardboard box and fit the paper towel roll into the hole, to act as the guitar’s neck.