Cool Ways to Sign Initials

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Whether you're practicing for when you become famous or just want a fun way to punch up your thank-you cards, use your initials as a creative way to express yourself. Try calligraphy, special writing instruments or create a style all your own. However you choose to sign your initials, you can make a statement with eye-catching visuals.


Calligraphy, from the Greek words for "beauty" and "writing," is an ancient art of writing words with just one stroke, often with a special pen or brush. This way of personalizing correspondence is a go-to for organizers of museum exhibitions, social events and even designer fashion shows. Try calligraphy for a cool way to sign your initials on standard documents.

Even Cooler

For occasions when you want to be super creative with signing your initials, try using different color inks for each initial, adding your own special flourishes such as a curl or loop at the beginning or end, or signing your initials intertwined with one another. If you're feeling a bit artsy, take a cue from Walt Disney and add a drawing next to your initials. The famous animator regularly drew a Mickey Mouse next to his autograph. For an added dose of flair, mark your initials with a stamp or a wax seal.


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