How to Cold Press Essential Oils

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Cold pressed essential oils are those produced by heating the plant or rind to be pressed to a low temperature, and then pressing the oil out. This technique is usually reserved for oils derived from fleshy rinds such as orange, lemon and bergamot. Temperatures of up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit are commonly used as this is considered a cool temperature that won't damage the aroma or chemical make-up of the oil.

Peel a fleshy fruit such as an orange or lemon for pressing.

Wash the peels and dry them, and place them on a cookie sheet.


Heat an oven to 120 degrees Fahrenheit and place the rinds in the oven for two hours to ensure they are heated to 120 degrees.


Don oven mitts or heat resistant gloves and remove the heated rinds from the oven. Place each in the hand-held garlic press, holding the press over a clean cup to collect the oil as it is extracted by the press, and press the oil from the rinds.


Things You'll Need

  • Fleshy rind
  • Oven
  • Oven mitts or heat resistant gloves
  • Hand-held garlic press
  • Clean cup