Clothes Hanger Crafts

If you want to create crafts but you're short on supplies, head to the closet. Clothes hangers can serve as the base of a project, or you may just want to give your closet some flair. You can make crafts from simple coat hangers to give as gifts or help with organization.

Clothes Hanger Crafts

You can give a clothes hanger a different purpose. Turn it into an aromatic sachet that can hang in your closet. Sew a large envelope from a breathable fabric such as cotton gauze. The envelope should be as wide as the bottom rung of the hanger. Craft expert Martha Stewart suggests using a zigzag stitch around the edges so the item doesn't fray. You'll need to make six ties out of linen tape. Sew three onto the top flap and three just under the top flap. When the project is finished, close the sachet by tying the two ribbons into a bow. Put scented potpourri or cedar blocks into the sachet. Place a hanger inside the fold of the sachet and close. The hanger allows you to move and hang the sachet wherever you want while keeping your clothes smelling fresh.

Turn wood hangers into a coat rack to help organize an entryway. You'll need to cut one end off of the coat hangers, leaving the U shape for mounting purposes. Mount the hangers upside down on a backer board using screws. The hanger will stick out at an angle. You'll be able to hang small items such as keys from the hook of the hanger. You'll also be able to use the side of the hanger for hats and coats for twice the storage. You can hang the coat rack on the wall using heavy duty picture hangers.

Improved Hanger Crafts

You can make a hanger work better in your closet using craft ideas. If you are giving clothes at a baby shower, create a decorative hanger. Look for a baby hanger that has a wide wood lip. Protect the hook from paint by wrapping it with painter's tape. Acrylic paint adds color to the hanger. Use a pastel palette perfect for a nursery. After the paint has dried, you can apply decorative clip art or pictures using decoupage medium. You can use the same theme as the nursery or match the decal to an outfit. Seal the hanger with water-based varnish and decorate by tying a bow around the hook.

If your clothes slip off your hanger, try making a hanger cover. You may have seen this project done with crocheting, but you can update the project and recycle at the same time. A plastic hanger works best for this craft, but you can get the desired width by using two wire coat hangers taped together. You'll need four plastic shopping bags for one hanger. Create loops by cutting horizontally across the bottom of the bag and tie five loops together to make a chain. Braid two chains together around the hanger and knot at the hook. You can hide the knot with a ribbon. Different colors of plastic bags add interest to the project.