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Cleaning Instructions for Sequin Material

Spot treat any serious stains before laundering.
BACKGROUND image by AtulPratap from Fotolia.com

Staining clothing is always unpleasant, but staining your favorite sequined top can be especially upsetting. Most care tags read "dryclean only" -- although you can wash the item yourself -- if the sequins are tightly sewn to the fabric. Inspect the stitching for any loose sequins that might unravel or separate during the washing process. With the right washing care and a few tricks for treating delicate items, you'll save money and time spent at the dry cleaners.

Things You'll Need:

  • Front Loading Washing Machine
  • Spot Treatment For Stains
  • Zip Mesh Bag

Spot treat the stain before washing. If the stain is on a non-sequined portion of the fabric, a damaging substance, like grease or blood, probably won't come out in the gentle cycle.

Place your sequined item into a zippered mesh bag. The mesh bag protects your sequined clothing from catching on the metal ridges in the machine, and keeps it from rubbing against other garments. You can also put your sequined item into cotton pillow case with a knot tied in the top, although a mesh bag allows more detergent penetration.

Insert the bag into your front loading washer. Top loading machines work by agitating clothing, and this can loosen delicate stitching. Set the wash cycle to gentle, and use a mild detergent formulated for delicates.

Remove your sequined item from the washer and lay it flat to air dry. Avoid hanging your item outside where strong winds can loosen the sequin stitching. If the cloth is silk or another delicate fabric, drape it on a plastic hanger in your bathroom the next time you take a shower. The steam will help relax the fabric naturally, without risky chemicals or ironing boards.


If you find the sequins are poorly sewn or hanging in loops off the fabric, either ditch the item or shell out the money for drycleaning. Washing poorly fastened sequins or beads could cause the entire embellished row to unravel.


  • Never iron sequins. The intense heat of an iron can melt the sequins and possibly stain the clothing beneath.
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