Church Banner Ideas for Kids to Make

A church banner can be a call to worship or a way to decorate your sanctuary. Many church banners are custom ordered or made by hand by adults, but children can get in on the act, too. Have your children's Sunday school class make a unique banner to display during adult worship service or during their own special children's worship service.

What Is Important to Them?

Talk with your Sunday school class about what they feel is most important in worship. What are their favorite Bible stories? What helps them reflect? Bring materials such as fabric, felt, glue guns and paint, and let the children create their own designs.

Hand Prints

Using hand prints gives you a visual way to teach about the children of God and can make the children feel they are a part of something. Write a phrase, such as the name of the Sunday school class or a favorite Bible verse, in the middle of banner with a permanent marker or cut out the letters with fabric. Have each child dip his hand in a paint color. Squirt the paint on some paper plates for easy cleanup. Tell each child to place her painted hand on the fabric and have her sign her names under her print, or write the children's names for them if they don't know how.

Bible Story

Have the children vote on their favorite Bible story, or pick one your class has been studying. With the children, think of a scene you'd like to portray on the banner. Have the kids cut out pieces of felt to represent people and buildings, or draw directly on the banner. You may want to write the Bible verse underneath the scene with permanent marker.


Using fabric or felt, draw big letters that when assembled will say something simple yet powerful. Phrases like "Jesus Loves Me," "Jesus Saves," "God is Love" and "Jesus Loves the Little Children" are simple but to the point. Have the kids cut out the letters and place them in the correct order. When the children have accomplished this task, glue the letters on with a hot-glue gun.