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Christian Ideas for Arts & Crafts for Teens

Teens can complete various crafts tuned into the teachings of Christ.
christian shrine image by koi88 from Fotolia.com

Finding appropriate crafts for any teenager to feel happy when completing can be challenging. But if you work in lessons with the projects, they could see crafts as a fun way to learn. Teenagers have access to sophisticated gaming technology that can often turn their minds away from basic crafts. But your Christian teen can learn lessons from the Bible while completing an art project.


A wordless bracelet can help communicate the message of Jesus. By running string or other thin material through colored beads, you can tell the story of the Bible. Each color represents a different message: Gold stands for the glory of heaven and its golden streets where Christians spend an eternity with God, the Bible teaches. Red represents the blood that Jesus shed on the cross. Blue stands for baptism, the immersion in water that shows Christians' "death" and "resurrection" in Christ. Green represents everything that grows. Purple means royalty. Jesus is Christians' King and Lord.

Wordless Book

A book without words or pictures is an extremely rare creation. But crafting a wordless book can help tell a story about God. By stapling or gluing various colors together to form a book, you can say what each color in the book means to you. Gold is often associated with perfection; God is considered perfect, so this page indicates the meaning of God. A black page represents sin, which is banned from heaven. The red page stands for the blood that Jesus shed after he was nailed to the cross. The white page is the clean page that represents cleansing sin. Jesus allowed himself to be nailed to the cross so Christians could be freed from sin. The green page tells the story of everything that grows. God created the earth in seven days and with it he added a lot of green. This page is creation.

Standing Stones

Painted rocks represent the standing stones that were outlined throughout the Bible. The pagans in the Middle East stationed sacred stones that honored their gods. The stones told any traveler that something significant happened in the area. The stones represent God's supernatural actions on the pagans behalf, such as when Jacob set stone pillars at Bethel so he could recall his powerful dream. God reaffirmed his covenant to Jacob in Gen. 28:18-21 and 35:14-15. When teens paint the stones, they can learn about the various sections of the Bible where stones played a significant role.

Crafting for Church

Christian teenagers can craft for a cause. Many churches accept crafts as a donation for them to sell at church functions. The crafts can be anything the teenager wants to make. Churches also welcome blankets and other items for less fortunate people, as needy people go to churches when they need help.

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