How to Change the Clutch on a Golf Cart

golf cart image by Earl Robbins from

Golf carts use a engine similar to that of an automobile. Sometimes, the clutch of a golf cart wears out and ceases to function. To extend the lift of your cart, you can change the clutch. Signs that a clutch requires replacing are improper gear switching, lower speeds when climbing hills and strange noises when the engine turns on.

Park your golf cart on a flat, level surface. Place a block in front of each wheel. Place another block behind each wheel to keep the cart in place.

Remove the screws along the edges of the seat using a screwdriver. Remove the seat by pulling it up, away from the golf cart. Push the cap downward. Place a socket wrench over the bolts on the cap and unscrew the bolts. Continue pushing the cap downward during bolt removal.

Pull the clutch upward, away from the cart. Remove the spring that connects to the clutch by pulling it off the clutch. Discard the old clutch.

Slide the new clutch into the slot. Attach the cap to the new clutch and push the clutch downward. Reattach the bolts using the socket wrench.

Replace the seat. Secure the seat using the screws.

Things You'll Need

  • 8 blocks
  • Screwdriver
  • Socket wrench