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How to Change the Chain Case Oil in a Polaris Snowmobile

Changing your chain case oil is an important step every season.
snowmobile trail -3 image by Rog999 from Fotolia.com

Snowmobiles are exposed to some of the most difficult conditions for mechanical contraptions. Because of this they require regular maintenance of their wear parts and drive line components. One of the simplest tasks you can perform is the changing of the chain case oil. This should be performed at a minimum once yearly at the start of every season. Removing the cover and inspecting the gears is another benefit of this process. It gives you a chance to spot a potential problem before it leaves you stranded on the trail.

Place an oil tray under the chain case. This will catch the oil when you open the chain case. Use an empty windshield washer container cut to size as a quick DIY oil tray.

Remove the chain case cover using the socket set. There will be several bolts around its perimeter securing it to the chain case.

Drain the oil into the tray and wipe the bottom and inside of the chain case clean with the shop rags.

Inspect the condition of the gears for any abnormal wear. If you discover a fair amount of metal filings in the bottom of the chain case, you may have problems. Some metal filings will be normal wear and tear.

Place the cover back on the chain case and secure it with the bolts you removed. Tighten it snugly, but not so tight as to strip the aluminum chain case bolt holes.

Add oil to the chain case in the quantity recommended by Polaris. This information can be found in the owner's manual.

Things You'll Need:

  • Socket set
  • Chain case oil
  • Oil tray
  • Shop towels
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