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Carrom Tricks

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The game of Carrom is played with discs, known as carrom-men that players hit around a board and into pockets with the use of a heavier disc known as a striker. Like a game of billiards, successfully winning at Carrom requires the use of tricks in your shots to ensure your carrom-men make it into their pockets.

Side Shot

This trick can be used to knock your carrom-men into a pocket or your opponents' carrom-men out of the way. Aim the striker so that it passes by your targeted carrom-man with just the side of your striker touching the side of the carrom-man. Flick the striker forward and as it passes by the carrom-man it will send the disc in the opposite direction of the side that was hit. For example, hitting the carrom-man on the right side will send it to the left. Use this to hit side pockets or to disrupt a possible move from your opponent.

Second Hit

If a carrom-man is blocking your shot to another disc on the board, turn your blocker into a makeshift striker. Line up the striker so that it forms a straight line to the targeted carrom-man that also passes through the blocking carrom-man. Flick the striker into the blocker to knock the blocker into your intended target. This shifts the position of two carrom-men at once.

Middle Shot

Useful at the start of a game when the carrom-men are gathered on the center of the board, the middle shot takes care of two carrom-men in one shot. When two carrom-men are directly adjacent to one another and touching, aim the striker at the space between the two. Flick the striker and when it hits, the two carrom-men should move in opposite directions. This can help you score two carrom-men in two different pockets in one shot.

Thumb Shot

Don't feel that you need to shoot with only one particular finger. Flick the striker with your thumb during a trick for a more powerful shot. Place your hand behind the striker and form a circle with your thumb and index finger with your thumb slightly behind it. Flick your thumb forward at the striker for a powerful shot

Alley Oop

When playing a doubles game of Carrom, you will be seated across from your opponent, meaning the two of you can work together to score shots. Use the alley oop trick to send carrom-men quickly into pockets. For example, lightly flick your striker at a carrom-man to knock it near a pocket on your side of the board. On your teammate’s turn, have him flick the set carrom-man into the pocket. Repeat to keep the board set in your favor.

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