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Card Game Rules for Dub's Bridge

Dubs bridge is a clever game that uses an entire deck of cards.
playing cards image by Mijakowska from Fotolia.com

Bridge is a complex card game that has many different variations. Dub's bridge is one of these variations that can be played by four or more players. Players must be evenly split up into four separate groups. Dub's bridge is differentiated from other bridge games in the way hands must be played in a specific manner.


Each team of four needs a deck of cards. Remove the jokers from a pack of regular cards and choose a dealer. This can be done in any method but is traditionally done by cutting the deck. The player with the highest card is the dealer. The dealer deals an equal number of cards to all players. The player to the left starts the game.


Players don’t bid in Dubs bridge, nor do they play with a dummy or receive honors. Players partner up with the player across the table. Trumps are decided by the hand you are playing. Players play one card at a time. The first player to lay a card sets the suit for the hand. Players must play in suit if they can. The highest card wins the hand. If they cannot play within suit, they can lay either a trump card to automatically win the hand or throw off another card if they do not have a trump. All hands are worth 10 points. The team with the most points at the end of the hand wins. If you are playing with multiple tables of four, the winning team goes to a new table to face a new set of players while the losing team stays. Teammates are then exchanged, with everybody receiving a new teammate. After the 17 hands, the player with the most individual points wins.

The Hands

There are 17 specific hands that are played in Dubs bridge, each with its own trump and its own peculiar conditions. The first hand has spades as a trump. The second hand has no trump and the winners receive an extra 100 points. The third hand has clubs as trump while the teams exchange scores. Hearts is the trump in the fourth hand and cards are played from a face-down pile. Spades is the next hand's trump, with the losing team losing 10 points. Clubs are the trump for the sixth hand, with the winner taking all hand points. The seventh hand is played with no trump and the winner gets a bonus of 200 points. Diamonds trump the eighth hand with teams exchanging scores. Clubs are the next trump with cards played from the table. The 10th hand has heart trumps and is a silent hand. Talking immediately forfeits all points to the other team. Cut the deck to find trumps on 11 with a bonus of 50 for the winner. No trump is used for the next hand, with the losing team getting all the points. Spades trump in the 13th hand. Losing subtracts 10 points. Trump with hearts in the next hand, with a win bonus of 100 points. Players trump with clubs on 15 and exchange team scores. The 16th hand has no partners and hearts as trump while the 17th hand has no trumps and double trick points.

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