Can You Play a Super 8 Movie on an 8mm Projector?

8mm film tape on white image by Slobodan Djajic from

So you’ve just brushed the dust off some of your old home movies. Now all you need is a projector to take that trip down memory lane. Will an 8mm projector play those Super 8 films?

Is it Possible?

In short: no. Super 8 and 8mm are two different types of film.

Super 8 vs. 8mm

The perforations on 8mm film are nearly twice as wide as Super 8 perforations. This difference in size requires you to use a projector that is designed to play a specific size of film.



There are machines, called Dual 8 projectors, that can play both Super 8 and 8mm film. Be careful, though, as these machines may compromise the condition of your film.


Determining Your Film Size

If you’re unsure what type of film you have, Super 8 film has a .91mm sprocket hole width, while 8mm has a 1.8mm sprocket hole width.


Other Options

You may want to skip the projector altogether, and invest in a more modern solution. Many places will take your film and transfer it to a DVD for a relatively low cost.