How to Build a Metal Rod Bender

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A rod bender is a tool used to change the shape of a straight metal bar. Normally you couldn't just bend a bar to the angle you needed, but using a rod bender makes the angling possible. You could purchase a metal rod bender, but these can run up to a couple hundred dollars. If you have a little bit of time, you can build your own metal rod bender.

Attach a T connector to the end of a 6-foot piece of pipe. A T connector is a T-shaped pipe attachment sold in home-improvement stores. It has two arms and a leg piece to create the T.

Insert the 6-foot piece of pipe into the leg of the pipe connector. Twist the two pieces together to attach them. The 6-foot segment is the handle for your rod bender. The T connector is what will bend the rod.

Insert a pipe into one of the arms of the T connector. The pipe should be hollow. Attach two pipes, one on either side of the T connector, by twisting them into place. The length of the pipes you choose will affect the radius of the bend in your metal rod. The shorter the pipe, the shorter the radius. If no pipes are added, the bend will have an incredibly short radius.

Insert a second pipe into the other arm of the T connector. This pipe should be be same length as the other pipe. Twist it in place to secure it.

Insert the pipe to be bent inside the two pipes attached to the arm connector and out the other side. Once the pipe is inserted through the pipes, place the T connector on a hard flat surface and pull the long pipe toward you. This will cause the pipe to bend. Move the T connector half the distance of the rod to be bent, and pull again. Continue this until you have the bend you desire.

Things You'll Need

  • T connector
  • 6-foot piece of pipe
  • 2 pieces of pipe in varying length
  • Marker
  • Metal rod


  • Do not make more than a 5 degree bend. A bend greater than 5 degrees can crack or break the rod.