Brief History of Dance

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Dance is an art form that combines rhythmic movements of the body and music. It can be traced throughout history as a part of rituals, celebrations, communication and self-expression.

Time Frame

Worshippers of the Greek god Dionysus danced in his honor.
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Historic records of dancing date back to 600 B.C. when the Choros danced in circles. In 1581 the first ballet, the "Balet Comique de la Reine," was performed. Modern dance styles include country line dancing and hip-hop.


Tap dancers wear special shoes with metal plates that are used to make percussive sounds.
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Different types of dancing include ballet, belly, break, flamenco, country line, swing and tap. Popular dance styles vary from country to country and by region.


Fun Fact

Breakdance moves require strength and agility
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Breakdancing originated in the Bronx, New York. Some break dancing moves are the headspin, turtle, moon walk and back spin. Break dance competitors battle each other on the basis of skill and execution of moves.