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Bogen 3063 Specifications

A tripod allows for greater stability in video shots.
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Bogen is a professional photography and video equipment company that has recently been acquired by Manfrotto distribution. The Bogen 3063 fluid head is one of its high quality tripod heads designed for professional use. The Bogen 3063 has been discontinued and replaced by the 501HDV fluid head, which has the same features and some improvements.

Weight Load

The Bogen 3063 head can handle up to 11 lbs. This is specifically designed to hold medium weight ENG (electronic news gathering) cameras. Although this tripod head cannot handle the weight load of a 35 mm film camera, it can hold most digital video cameras. It is specifically designed to be light enough to carry around, but durable enough to withstand some damage. Its portability makes it suitable for camera crews to carry it between locations.

Pan and Tilt

The Bogen 3063 has separate pan and tilt locks so that you can control them independently. The pan lock is located on the side of the head, and the tilt lock is located on the bottom to avoid confusion. Each provides smooth fluid motion and secure locks so that a shot is never compromised. This is useful for most filming purposes because it enables users to have complete control over every shot.

Tripod Plate

The tripod plate, which connects the tripod head to the camera, is hexagonal in shape to ensure easy attachment and detachment from the camera. It features a quick release button with a lock on the side of the camera so that, once the plate is attached, it slides right onto the tripod head and locks into place automatically. A standard 1/4-inch floating screw is also included, which enables compatibility with almost all digital video cameras.

Set-Up Features

The Bogen 3063 tripod head contains two bubble levels so that you can set it up easily, even if it is not on a flat surface. The Bogen head also attaches to most Bogen tripods by screwing the handle on from the bottom. You can adjust the pan and tilt handle and fold it down flush against the tripod so that it can fit in a bag and be moved from place to place.

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