Bird Bath Ideas

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When a bird bath is not in use, it doesn't have to remain empty. Bird baths typically occupy central positions in yards, and they can be decorated and serve an ornamental purpose even when no birds are present. Decorate your bird bath when the birds are not around or even when the bird bath is functional.

Fresh Flowers

Pluck a few fresh flowers from your garden and throw them into the water. Floating blossoms add a splash of color to the bird bath and can be removed when they have begun to fade. Choose flowers that draw the eye and have a high profile, so they can be visible even when they are floating on the surface of the water.

Christmas Ornaments

Pile the bird bath high with round Christmas tree ornaments. Remove the hooks so they will not rust during their time outside. Choose plain silver ornaments or mix silver and gold for an elegant effect. For a more fun and casual look, try red and green ornaments or multicolored ornaments for a rainbow look. Finish off the look with a bow tied around the bird bath stand using faux velvet ribbon.

Floral Display

Place a small roll of chicken wire in the bird bath and tape it in using long strips of duct tape across the mouth of the birdbath. Use chicken wire and tape as a foundation and slide in evergreen branches and silk flowers. The chicken wire provides a sturdy base where the flowers and branches can be held upright, and it helps create a mounded display. Trail fake ivy vines over the edge of the bird bath for an overgrown look.

Underwater Creatures

Choose a ceramic or stone animal that would fit in your bird bath. Frogs, toads and turtles are all possibilities. Place the stone animal in the bird bath and fill as you normally would. Ideally, the animal will be situated so that its eyes or head will be peeking out of the water. This is a subtle decoration for your bird bath and it can be used even when your bird bath is functional.


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