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What Are the Benefits of Playing Dominoes?

Dominoes is a classic game.
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Classic games such as dominoes have many benefits. Just because the technology is smarter now and computer games are becoming increasingly clever, better defined and with increased interactivity, it doesn’t mean that they can equal all of the advantages and benefits that can come from traditional pastimes such as dominoes.

Social Contact

When you play dominoes, you have to participate communally. Rules have to be discussed and agreed upon and you will inevitably have discourse with your kids and other family members as well as friends during the game. You also have to learn some simple courtesies such as taking turns and learning to be a gracious winner as well as loser. Dominoes can also be played in teams, so it will help you to better understand how to work effectively with other people.

Mind and Body

When you play dominoes with your kids, it gives you a chance to spend quality time with them. It will also help them to develop their speaking and listening as well as thinking skills, worked on their fine and gross motor development.

A Variety of Games

There are a number of types of domino games that you can play. These come under the general categories of block, point and card as well as a further number of miscellaneous games. Block games involve the building of rows of dominoes by matching the numbers you have with those on the table. Point games are scored as each hand is played as well as at the end of the game. In card domino games, the dominoes are used in a similar manner to cards, with "trump" dominoes and "trick-taking" possibilities. Domino Games.com lists 12 varieties of blocking domino games, six point games, three domino card games and four further ways of playing.

A "Contact" Sport?

"The Independent" on Sunday.co.uk draws attention to a club in Penge, London, England, that is run predominantly by West Indians of pensionable age – the Pineapple Club. One big feature is the daily game of dominoes, where the dominoes are either flicked away in disgust or slammed down on the table – the better the play, the harder the slam. The whole thing is played in good spirits and outsiders would clearly have a problem in determining the state of play, with dominoes in heaps around the playing area. People of pensionable age often find themselves taking part in games that are considered "appropriate" for their seniority and implied feebleness. For example, games such as bingo, cards or even dominoes -- in its "traditional" form. This energetic variation, enabled by the versatility of dominoes as well as the spirit of the players, has the extra benefit of allowing them to enjoy competition, despite their senior years, as they see fit.

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