Banana Pop Art Treats


It's not every day that you can be an artist as famous as, say, Jackson Pollock. But you know what? Let Pollock have his giant canvases: we'll take bananas. Inspired by Pollack's very unique style of art, these chocolate-covered banana bites make a mix of color look fun, messy and — dare we say it — totally cool. Since all bets are off on how crazy you want your skewers to look, we'll leave some tips for all ages to really go wild. Kids: tell your mothers we said it’s OK to play with your food as long as your food is a work of art. Parents: the kids will LOVE helping you out in the kitchen if the instructions are “splatter colorful candy melts on bananas!” Adults: these treats are not just for kids! Have fun with your snacking self. Do YOU. (We sure did when coming up with this.)

Things You'll Need

  • Candy melts (any colors)
  • Bananas 
  • Skewers

Cut Up and Skewer the Bananas

Cut up and skewer the bananas into the perfect bite-sized treats.


Dip the Bananas Into the Candy Melts

Follow the instructions on the candy melts bag to prepare the colorful melted candy. Dip the banana bites one at a time into one of the candy melts, preferably the color you want as your base. Twirl until the candy melt has covered a third of the banana.


Tap Into Your Inner Artist

After two coats, take a whisk and splatter the rest of the colorful candy onto the bananas to create a beautifully messy art piece! The candy melts harden quickly, so you'll be able to eat these as soon as the last paint drop is dry. There aren't any real instructions here: follow your creative heart. The point(ilism) is to have fun!


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