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How to Attach a Candelabra Socket

Candelabra sockets are one of the smallest socket sizes for incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. Most of the light bulbs made for these sockets have a decorative candle shape--hence the name candelabra. Like most lamp sockets, candelabra sockets have two terminal screws on either end of the socket where the lamp cord leads attach. The base of the socket attaches to the hollow pipe that fits around the lamp cord, although some candelabra sockets have clips that fit into antique and specialty lamps. In either case, attaching the candelabra socket to the wires and the mounting pipe is a simple and straightforward job.

Unscrew the two terminal screws so there is some space between each one and the abutting side of the socket.

Slide one lead from the lamp cord under each terminal screw and twist the lead around the neck of the screw. Strip some insulation from the lamp if there's not enough core metal exposed. Retighten the terminal screws.

Slide the lamp cord through the hollow mounting pipe and thread the mounting pipe into the base of the socket.

Install a candelabra bulb and plug the lamp cord into a wall outlet.

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