Appliance Dent Removal

Sometimes small dents occur in home appliances, ruining the smooth metal surface. Luckily, dent removal is a simple matter requiring just a few steps and the right tools. At your local automotive shop, such as AutoZone, you can find repair kits for removing dents from cars. You can also find these devices online, such as Pops-A-Dent.


Use Pops-A-Dent or similar product. They work using the same principles. Essentially, you will first clean the dented area. Then, using a hot glue gun (which is provided with the kit), you glue a suction cup assembly to the middle of the dent. The suction cup has a metal screw coming out the back. Let the glue dry. Then over this, place a frame with 2 feet, which will straddle the suction cup. A twist cap goes over the screw extending from the suction cup. As you twist on the cap, it tightens on the screw, pulling on the dent to pop it out.

Afterward, you remove the frame assembly and pull off the glued suction cup. A provided scraper is used to scrape off the dried glue. You might also want to use Goo Gone or similar product if some of the glue is stubborn. But mostly, the glue will come off. Another option is to use rubbing compound for automobiles to clean away any glue residue.

Ding King Dent Repair Kit is another such product you can use, and it can be found at