Ancient Greek Art Activities for Kids

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Ancient Greece had to have been a fascinating place. With the Olympic games, creation myths and religious worship of gods and goddesses, there was no other place quite like it. If you're interested in doing a few art activities that fit in with that time period, then you have plenty to choose from. From mosaics to sculpture, there is certainly something you can find to keep your students occupied.


Mosaics are pictures made up of tiny pieces of marble, glass or stone. They were very popular in ancient Greece and can be found in various floors of ancient Greek buildings. To do a mosaic art activity, tear up pieces of different colored tissue paper into small pieces. Create a picture on a piece of white paper using the pieces. For younger kids, use a sheet from a coloring book and simply fill in the picture using pieces of paper instead of crayons. If you don't have tissue paper handy, have students use recycled paper like magazines or comic books.

Clay Sculpture

Clay sculptures were common in ancient Greece. Images of gods and goddesses were often depicted in their sculpted artwork. Have students create their own sculptures of an ancient Greek god or goddess. Sculpting clay can be found at any craft store. Choose one color, or several. If you want to stick to the classic ancient Greek statue look, use a plain gray sculpting clay. Find pictures of Greek statues on the Internet, from magazine pictures or local museums. Air-dry the clay and paint the statues if you wish.

Olympic Torch

The ancient Olympics consisted of jumping, javelin, running and wrestling games. According to Corey and Laura's Olympic Site, "During the Ancient Olympic Games, a sacred flame was lit from the sun’s rays at Olympia, and stayed lit until the Games were completed." Make your own Olympic torch using just a few simple materials. You need a paper towel tube, a Styrofoam bowl, some glue and brown paint to create the base of the torch. Paint the tube and bowl brown, then allow them to dry. Glue the bowl onto one end of the tube. Be sure the bowl is setting upright, as if you were going to pour something into it. To create the fire to the torch, cut out pieces of orange construction paper into jagged fire-shaped pieces. Glue these pieces inside the bowl. Add pieces of orange tissue paper to make your Olympic torch even more impressive.

Vase Painting

The ancient Greeks often painted vases and other types of pottery to depict their beliefs and values. Ancient gods, goddess, heroes and epic story scenes were painted onto different forms of pottery. Create your own ancient Greek vase by painting a scene onto a vase of your choosing. It's best to choose a ceramic vase, such as a plant pot, since the paint is less likely to slide off. Think about the type of scene you want to depict on your vase. Choose a famous Greek myth to depict, such as the Birth of Athena or the Trojan War. Supply plenty of pictures from books or Internet sites for kids to use as models.