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A List of Different Types of Dances for the 21st Century

Breakdancing, a 20th century phenomenon, continues to be popular today.
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The 21st century is characterized by a wide variety of dances, which stem from a multitude of genres. From rap songs that dictate dance moves to sophisticated classical ballets, modern dance has an array of manifestations. All of the contemporary dance moves build on the traditional dance tropes of the 20th century by adding innovative and creative elements to existing ideas.

Hip-Hop Moves

Some of the notable hip-hop dance fads in the early 21st century are "Toot It and Boot It," "Dougie," "Teach Me How to Jerk," "Stanky Leg," "Crank Dat," "Cupid Shuffle," "Chicken Noodle Soup," "You're a Jerk" (a variation of "Teach Me How to Jerk"), "Pop, Lock, Drop It," "Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It," "Walk It Out," "Two Step," "Rock Yo Hips," "Shoulder Lean" and "It's Goin Down." These represent the slew of hip-hop moves that were popularized by various music groups or music videos.

Pop Dance Moves

Whereas an array of hip hop songs are intended to be instructional dance ballads, many pop dance moves represent artistic interpretations of the music, which may or may not be duplicatable for non-professionals. Metro Area's "Miura," for example, depicts a boogie and funk fusion dance style that depicts a lot of traditional 1980s musical tropes. Other pop-inspired dances include the power ballad of "Into the Galaxy" by Midnight Juggernauts, the driving piano movements of "Let’s Ride" by Gonzales and the energetically screeching sounds of "Ex-Lover" by Friendly Fires.


Breakdancing, a hip-hop inspired series of dance moves that arose in the 1980s, continued to progress in the 21st century with new moves and techniques. Specifically, certain forms of breakdancing that utilize ballet, jazz and martial arts has taken root in certain urban areas, such as Austin, Texas. These forms of breakdancing work with three basic moves: the bear, the crab and the monkey. These three moves provide the foundation for the new wave of breakdancing.

Classical Dance

Classical ballet and other classical forms of dance have seen revivals in the 21 century, which use modern technological elements to supplement the relatively older dance form. For example, in 2010 the Los Angeles Ballet released its new dance series called "New Wave LA," which explores the plight of two lovers in the midst of technological and situational confusion. Other dance innovations of the early 2000s also include the revival of certain lost forms, such as tap dancing. In New York in 2010, for example, Savion Glover's newest dance show brought attention back to tap dancing.

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