Top 5 Games to Play in Gym

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Gym class – or physical education – teaches athletic skills through fun and interactive physical games. These same activities also teach kids teamwork and problem solving skills. Many of the top or popular games as of 2014 are the same games kids have played in gym class for years.

Knockout Basketball

Knockout basketball starts with the students in a line starting at or around the free throw line. The player at the front shoots first. If it goes in, he goes to the back of the line to wait for another turn. A miss means the student is knocked out of the game. However, if the second player misses too, that player is out and the first player is in again.


Dodgeball is a classic gym game with some appeal to adults too -- a movie was made about it in 2004. Kids split up into two teams on opposite sides of the room. The objective is to throw the balls and hit a member of the opposing team, which eliminates them from the game. Should the player on the opposite team catch the ball, the thrower is out. The team with the last kid standing wins.

Relay Races

Relay races require kids to work together. They divide into groups, and one child from each group runs at a time. The first child usually hands an object like a stick to a teammate, who then runs and hands it off to another teammate and so on. Some races may call for the students to navigate around an object like a cone.

Tug Of War

Strength and teamwork are emphasized in this classic gym game. The students need to be in teams of equal numbers on either end of a long rope. The rope needs to be long enough so all of the kids are able to give it a solid grip. Both teams pull the rope backward until one side is pulled over the center, which is usually marked with a cone.

Freeze Tag

Freeze tag is a simple gym game that doesn't even involve equipment. One person is “it” and chases the other players in an attempt to tag them. When a player is tagged he must freeze in place until another player tags him again, setting him free.