4 Ways to Repurpose Teacups

Jenny Kim

Teacups are not just for an afternoon sip of English breakfast with your pinky raised. Take inspiration from these clever solutions because these are anything but stuffy.

1. Floral Arrangement

A collection of your favorite buds becomes a unique centerpiece when you house them in teacups. Whether it's a single lush peony or a small bunch of ranunculus, this is one idea that's sure to elevate your table. Feel free to mix and match for a more playful, casual look.

Kenzie Mastroe

2. Bird Feeder

Forego the conventional bird feeder and opt for something with a little more style. Chains and hooks transform a dainty teacup and saucer into a charming hangout spot for birds.

Kenzie Mastroe

3. Handmade Candle

A handmade candle makes a thoughtful gift, and using a teacup as the vessel for wax just ups the ante. Choose a design that suits the recipient and customize the scent to make it even more special.

Trisha Sprouse

4. Herb Garden

Grow your favorite herbs by using teacups in lieu of a pot and you've got yourself an elegant herb garden. It's a small extra step that will instantly upgrade your windowsill (and your pesto recipe).

Kenzie Mastroe