Outside Field Day Games for School Kids

Children benefit from outdoor play.
David Sacks/Lifesize/Getty Images

Generally, field day occurs at the end of the school year and allows kids a way to celebrate a job well done. A typical field day will have numerous outdoor activities and games for the children to play. It is similar to a carnival without the rides. Selecting games that mix the fun of being outside with physical activity ensures that the children will have fun and your field day will be a success.

Balance Beam Beanbag Walk

Set up a balance beam and have the students balance a beanbag on top of their head. Once the child removes his hands from the beanbag, he is not permitted to touch it again. Have the student begin to walk the balance beam while balancing the beanbag on his head. Any student who is able to cross the balance beam a total of five times wins a prize or award. Younger children are awarded prizes for completing one trip across the beam.

Student vs. Teacher Basketball

Basketball team -- one consisting of the teachers and faculty and another consisting of the oldest students in school -- compete against each other. In a primary or elementary school, the teachers may play the game on their knees. If students defeat the teaschers, they get a reward.

Golf Ball Egg Race

The golf ball egg race works the same way as a traditional egg race. Separate the students into four teams. Have the players balance a golf ball on a spoon and run halfway across the designated area and back. The player then passes off the golf ball to the next player. This continues until all players have come back. If any player drops the ball, the team must start over.

Shooting Star

Set up a soccer goal and mark different points on the ground that the children will shoot from. These points should vary in angles and distance from the net. The students take turns shooting from the different points in an attempt to get the ball in the net. The students with the highest scores win a prize.