Wood Slat Crafts

Wood slats are versatile craft materials that you can use to create many different projects. The slats are typically 1/4-inch thick and are available in a pack of six or more at your local craft store. Individual slat sizes will vary, but you can cut or join the wood together easily with a hack saw and glue.

Mini Magnetic Chalkboards and Bulletin Boards

Wood slat magnetic chalkboards are simple to create with a one coat combination of magnetic primer and chalkboard paint. You can transform the wood slats into individualized chalkboards by sanding them lightly, then coating one side with the magnetic primer/chalkboard paint. Felt is a good choice to glue onto the backside of the chalkboard as the surface is less likely to slide around if the kids place the chalkboard on a table.

Design the mini magnetic chalkboards with other felt cutouts around the perimeter, tailored to the recipient. You can also recycle greeting card images by attaching them to the front of another wood slat, and then adding the picture as a topper to the magnetic chalkboard. A strip of duct tape will connect the two wood slats together to create one long wood slat. The duct tape disappears when you cover the entire back with felt or other fabric.

The process is the same if you wish to make a mini bulletin board from wood slats. Instead of painting them with magnetic chalkboard paint, cover the face of one or more wood slats with fabric. You can wrap the wood slat in your choice of fabric, and then staple or glue the fabric onto the back of the wood slat. Strips of ribbon running horizontally, vertically or diagonally will add design interest to the mini bulletin board as well as create a placeholder for photos.

Wood Slat Signs

You can easily make wood slat signs with a wood burning tool, stain and a polyurethane topcoat. Once you trace your message onto the wood slat, you can burn it into the wood with the wood burner. A coat of stain will enhance the outline of the letters.

You could also paint your message onto the wood slat after you paint or stain the wood. There are many uses for small wooden signs: door plaques for a child’s room, messages on your garden art and accents for your home décor. Connect three or four wood slat signs together vertically with small chains to make a hanging plaque for your wall.