Where to Sell Pokemon Cards

Pokemon cards are a popular item to sell online as well as at some local game stores. You may want to sell Pokemon cards as a hobby or business, or you may want to sell cards you no longer use. Where you choose to sell your Pokemon cards depends on the cards you have, how much you expect to sell them for and how much effort you want to put into selling them.

Research the cards you have on a website such as Find Magic Cards to get an idea of what they’re worth and whether you might want to sell them individually or in lots (see Resources).

Choose Pokemon from the drop-down menu, then type the name of the Pokemon character in the search box. Match the number in the lower-right corner of the card to view average asking prices for that specific card.


Decide if you want to sell the Pokemon cards in person or online. Selling cards in person can be simpler but may limit your market. You may also get a higher price for your cards online than you would at a store or garage sale.


Call local game stores that purchase Pokemon cards. Find out what types of cards they buy, what the process is, what their hours are and whether they offer cash or store credit.


Decide what type of website you want to sell your Pokemon cards through, if you want to sell them online. You can sell them through an auction website or to an online trading game store that purchases cards. Stores generally offer less money than you could get by auctioning them yourself, since they must resell the cards at a profit.


Choose a general auction website, such as eBay, or an auction website that specializes in trading card games, such as Bidwicket (see Resources below). General websites allow access to a broader market, but specialty sites can give you a target audience for your Pokemon cards.


Look at the auction site’s policies and fees. This can help you find the best deal and decide where to sell your Pokemon cards.



  • Know which cards you have and describe their condition accurately. Include the card number in any online auction listing for individual cards.


  • Research the store's or auction site’s terms, conditions and fees before you open an account or start selling.