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What Is the Meaning of Black Baccara Roses?

Gothic rose
Image by Flickr.com, courtesy of Nina

Though not black, but a deep red, the Black Baccara rose bears dark velvety petals with black edges. With contradictory meanings attributed to the Black Baccara, and black roses in general, their symbolism is in the mind of the beholder.

Hope and Optimism

Because a truly black flower does not actually exist, the Black Baccara rose is said to symbolize undying hope, optimism and expectation that a black rose will someday be a reality.

Death and Farewell

The Victorians embraced the language of flowers, called floriography. In the language of flowers, black roses meant death, farewell or sometimes obsession.

Mystery and Magic

Down through history, black has been considered an unnatural flower color and so it takes on the aura of mystery and magic.

Love and Passion

Used in bridal bouquets, especially for winter weddings, the Black Baccara imparts the meaning of a depth of love and romance.

Villains and Vampires

With literary license, the creators of fictional characters sometimes imbue their villains and vampires with a fondness for black roses as in "A Dozen Black Roses" by Nancy Collins.

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