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What Is Milliskin Spandex?

Milliskin spandex is a material that is used in leotards and bathing suits.
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Milliskin spandex is a kind of material that is frequently used to make leotards and tights for dancers and acrobats and anyone who needs extreme flexibility and comfort in the clothing they are wearing when performing. It is also an excellent material for bathing suits.


According to the book “Making of An American Dance Company” by Sasha Anawalt, when costuming was done for the ballet “Trinity,” Capezio Ballet Makers and Estelle Sommers were asked to costume the dancers. Sommers was introduced to a fabric called Milliskin that was described as having just been made, but no one knew anything about it except it looked like the ideal material for leotards. Capezio was the first company to use Milliskin and introduced a white Millikskin unitard that could be dyed whatever color it needed to be. The material was not dull and it had a wet, look that was sexy as well as had lot of sheen. This new material revolutionized the bathing suit and dance wear industry.

Milliskin Spandex

Milliskin spandex is thin and light and easy to wear and move in. Milliskin is a four-way stretch material that is a bit lighter than moleskin material, which is also a four-way stretch material but heavier.Both Milliskin and moleskin are types of Lycra. Lycra is the brand name for Spandex. Spandex is also known as elastane and it is a fabric that is tremendously elastic as well as comfortable and figure-flattering. It is stretchy and great for wearing when doing gymnastics or swimming or for working out in the gym or dancing.


Donald Holmes and William Hanford came up with an invention called polyurethane in 1942, which is the basis of elastic fiber that has come to be known as spandex. Spandex was developed by du Pont in 1959, when it was first commercially produced. Spandex is made-made and can stretch at least 100 percent and it is also capable of snapping back to its original shape. Spandex is now used in women’s underwear rather than rubber.

Interesting Facts

Milliskin spandex, which can be either shiny or matte, was used to make the costumes in the theatrical production “Cats.” Milliskin was also used to create the costume for Superman in the 2006 movie “Superman Returns.”

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